Tuesday, October 2, 2012

60 Day Challange

So every year I try to set some goals for myself; some of them are reached and others sadly just remain another unchecked line in my notebook. I decided that I want to put the BS excuses aside and really put my mind to the things I want for myself and I'm starting today!

Okay so here is my 60 day challenge:

  1. Only spend money on necessities
  2. No eating out..at all. Ill allow myself 1 night a week for a possible date night to spend money on a meal but besides that- no froyo, no red robs, no chipotle, no subway, nothing..tears just fell on my keyboard.. no joke. 
  3. Eat healthy home cooked meals
  4. Lose 10 lbs
  5. Exercise 3-4 days a week
  6. Absolutely NO buying clothes or accessories... gahhh this is going to be tough
  7. Use coupons to buy groceries and toilet trees to try to bring costs down as best as I can 
  8. Read 2 books- I have yet to finish the second hunger games book and i'm ready to know what happens already!
After examining my credit card and debit card statements over the past month I realized I have been spending so much money on clothes and food and clothes and clothes. As much as I love clothes and only buy stuff on sale, I still need to be aware of the money I spend. The amounts that showed up on my calculator after I plugged in my monthly spending over the month of September was shocking to me. I spent a total of $ 121.82 on eating out (not including groceries which totaled to be around $179.70) and dun dun dun.... $299.02 on clothes and jewelry. Hi, my name is Sam and I am a shopaholic. To some, $300 is not a lot to spend on clothes but its a huge dent in the ole wallet to someone who has student loans, a car payment, rent, and 3 weddings next summer. Thus, why I am on a mission to cut back and learn to be satisfied with what I have.

Saving money on eating out will also help me with a little issue I like to call love handles and thunder thighs. Before we got my pup in April I was in such a good place with my eating and exercising; I went to the gym, ran outside, used a calorie tracker, and I actually saw results. Unfortunately, my motivation took a turn for the worse when all I could think about when I came home from work was playing with this adorable puppy. How can you resist this face???       

Anyway, long story short, I am dedicated to getting in shape and feeling good again... Ill keep you posted with my progress.

I hereby start my 60 day Challenge on October 1st 2012. Wish me luck!!!

Feel free to share any goals you are currently challenging yourself to accomplish :)



  1. Good luck, dear! I know you'll do great - take the little puppy on a walk with you!

    If you want some budgeting motivation, try doing this linkup with Franishh: http://franishh.blogspot.com/p/budgeting-bloggers.html

    I do it every month and every time I make a purchase I think to myself "am I going to feel good posting this on my blog?". It holds me accountable!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks girl! And I can always use some budgeting motivation so I will definitely link up with her. I saw how much you got from ULTA with your coupons/sales..one day i'll be as advanced as you!! haha.. keep in touch with any kinda coupons like that in the future and I'll do the same :)

  2. Good goals. I want to get more active too. :)