Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Breakdown

Id say this past weekend was an overall success. Sadly, my interview was postponed...so i'm still waiting and being as patient as I can , but on the bright side I got to sleep in! Here is some of my weekend in pics:

  1. As I was waiting for Brent to get a wayyyyy overdue haircut, I walked over to Starbucks and picked me up a gingerbread latte... soo good. I was never into coffee before but I am loving all of the seasonal flavors. I wish they sold bags of the seasonal flavors so I could make it every morning.
  2. Brent and I spent the day together on Saturday just doing some errands and being goofy. I love the days where we just hang out and drive around. Ps. the outfit I'm wearing in the picture is my new GTO (go to outfit). I found this sweatshirt at the loft this weekend for $20 and haven't taken it off... seriously I wore it to work yesterday too and Id wear it today and my co-workers wouldn't give me judgement eyes. It is my fav color, totally comfy and has the cutest little zipper on the left chest. It goes perfect with my 2005 puffy brown AE vest I found in my closet. SCORE!
  3. We went to P.F Changs on Sat night for dinner. I always get the same thing.... moo goo gai pan with brown rice and Brent gets some sort of chicken with brown rice and we split the crab wontons which are UHHH-MAZING. It is a little more pricier than we normally spend on dinner but we were both craving it.
  4. Sunday was one of my co-workers baby showers. Everything was so cute! She got lots of cute baby clothes and plenty of things on her registry. The small new born baby socks got me... I was a big ole girl, ohhhing and ahhhing and awwwwing at every little gift. The food was so delicious and they used some pinterest ideas on the cupcakes. They also turned donut holes into acorns which was adorable. Lets just say I def had baby fever on my way home from the shower, poor Brent haha
  5. My BIG baby missed her momma this weekend. I feel like I was so randomly busy I didn't have a lot of time to spend with Lil. She is super attached to Brent and I and she begs for attention when we are home, she barks and bites, walks all over the keyboard, licks phones, jumps on faces, she is crazy but she just wants some loving. You can see how depressed she looks in this picture because I think she just ate part of her toy and she had a belly ache lol story of her life... she is not a big dog but she sure does rip up every toy/bone we get her.
How was your weekend??

Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Blogging" Dead

So I am a hugeeee fan of the show The Walking Dead. If you have not seen it you need to buy the first season and watch all 6 episodes on Saturday afternoon and you will be hooked I promise! I was a skeptic at first when Brent introduced it to me, I was like really babe...zombies? not scary. Boy was I wrong. I was instantly drawn in to the story line. It airs every Sunday @ 9pm on AMC and it is basically like a movie that is broken into hour long episodes.

The third season started mid-October and they are bringing in alot of new characters and even some old into the mix. Brief synopsis: A cop gets shot while on duty and ends up in a coma in the hospital. He wakes up to a world that is taken over by a fast-growing disease that makes people have zombie-like characteristics when "bitten". The hospital is empty, no human in sight and he is left to figure out what the eff is going on. Yada yada... he some how meets up with his family along with others they have met along the way and they are in a day to day battle with "walkers" in order to find a stable shelter and make it to the next day. We find out in the second season that everyone is infected and you turn into a walker once you die, and the only way to kill a walker is to shoot them in the head.Basically they are all going to turn. I could go into more detail about what is going on but it would take me forever.

I have decided to designate my lunch on Mondays to recapping everything that went on in the episode the night before. It will allow other TWD fans to share their thoughts and opinions. If you don't care for zombies or the walking dead, no worries.. not everyone is into it.

I have decided to call these posts The "Blogging" Dead because there is a show right after TWD called Talking Dead where people from the show get interviewed and they discuss the episode and whats to come. So since i'm blogging about the show....you can kinda put 2 and 2 together.

Now onto the real excitement. Last night was by far the most insane episode so far this season, if not the whole series. It started off by showing someone (not sure who at first) opening up the gates around the prison where the group was living and bringing in walkers in order to sabatosh them. I wasnt really sure who it was or why they were trying to break the barriers.Michone has def caught on to the governors lies and is starting to find clues that makes her believe he is killing people for their weapons... which he is! The walkers start attacking the group and they get T-dog.... so sad.. but I kinda felt like his character was going to die off soon. He ended up saving Carol and allowing her to run away while the walkers got him. Lori ended up having her baby but it had to be cut out of her which resulted in her death. Lori personally got on my nerves and that fake belly bump was bothering me... i mean whose belly button looks that big in real life?? c'mon.haha The scene ended with the group all meeting back up to find out they now have a baby but Lori is gone.. and Carl (her son) had to shoot her in the head. Rick is devastated, Carl is scarred for life.. again.. and Carol is missing. Zombie-2 Group-1.

 I am so excited for next weeks episode but I bet it wont top this one. I kinda have a feeling that when Merle finds the group and wants to bring them back, the governor will want to kill them for their food and weapons and Merle will turn against him since his brother is part of the group.Gahhhh I cant wait! Tune in next Monday for a recap and my thoughts.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Making a House into a Home: DIY Wreath

Since I am still renting an apartment, it makes it hard sometimes to feel like i am are coming home to...well my "home". Nothing matches, were using hand-me-down silverware, sitting on a couch that has been in Brent's parents basement since 1992 and we're def not wasting money on painting the walls because we'd have to paint it back white when we move out. To break it down even more, we are planning on moving out of here as soon as we can. BUT until that is possible, I am on a mission to make this place "homier".. is that even a word? Oh well.

This past Saturday was kinda dull so I decided to run to Michael's and see what I could pick up and throw together. As I was walking through the isles I saw styrafoam rings and I thought WREATH! I have seen them on pinterest and thought it would be fun and probably easy. I went and got 2 different colored yarn rolls, one tan and one cream/gold.. who woulda thought, right? I wasnt sure what else I wanted to add to it so I just browsed each row to see if something stuck out. I saw these mini branch wreaths and figured I could make it work. Last but not least I picked up a hot glue gun and some glue sticks and I went on my way.

Here is what I purchased along with an old grey shirt:
I started by hot gluing the tan strand to the ring and proceed to wrap it...
10 min later I was half way done...
Once I was finally done (took a lot longer than I thought because I wanted to make it perfect) I hot glued it to the same area as I started. Then I glued the cream/gold yarn to the same spot and wrapped it around.
yes... wearing the pj's again. I need a second pair
I am using the same start/end point for everything so I only have one place to cover up with my add-ons. I added another strand of the cream/gold but going in the opposite direction to create a crisscross effect.

I thought it would be cute to take the cream/gold yarn and roll it into different size balls and place them around the wreath however I pleased. All I did was make a bunch of knots and then just start rolling the yarn around it and glued the end when I got it to the size I wanted.
I played around with different layouts for the smaller wreaths and really liked how it looked when I placed them in the same area with a slight overlap effect. I made sure to place them in the same area as my start/end area so it would cover up the imperfections.
I thought the yarn balls would look cool inside the smaller wreaths so I made two small yarn balls and one larger one.
 Then I sat there and pondered what I was going to do to make it more interesting. I rummaged through some old t-shirts to see if there was anything I could use to make it look better. I found an old cotton/spandex shirt that I really never wore and decided to cut the sleeves off and make small roses. I have done this "rose" technique on scarves before and thought I could make it work for this.
Pardon my nails- Sunday is usually my mani day- I have terrible nails.. they are so thin and nail polish only lasts me like 2 days before they start to chip so they are usually completely bare by the end of the week.

As you can see, I cut the end part of the sleeve first. Then i cut a thin piece and cut it in half to make it long. I then just rolled it and glued it to stay together. I also put some glue on the bottom and rolled the material towards the bottom center to make it flat in order for it to be able to be glued to the wreath.

I then just randomly placed the flowers on and viola!! A masterpiece is created!!
I have done crafts here and there but this is my all-time favorite. I still can't believe how it turned out! I normally follow a pinterest idea or google an idea but this was all my own design and I love coming home and seeing it on the door.. it just makes me happy knowing I made it :)

This is just the beginning of my mission to make my small one bedroom apartment a home. What to make next???? hmmmmm 

Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five for Friday!

This week flew by so fast! Since I have graduated college I have realized how fast weeks go by when you are living in the "read world". During the week I usually can not wait until Friday, but when the time comes, I kinda wish it would slow down! Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks and so on and so fourth. That is why I love High Five for Fridays because it gives me a chance to slow down and look back at everything I did the past week.

  1. I got an email last night from the guy I had 2 interviews with and he asked if I was available for a third interview this Saturday morning with the CEO and VP of recruiting. Apparently all of the third interviews are at a nice hotel restaurant in Annapolis. I googled it and this is one of the pictures it showed of the waiting room... which is where I will be. I am soooo nervous but soo excited at the same time! Please cross your fingers and pray for me. This is the final step and its my final chance to prove myself! Updates as soon as its done.
  2. Tuesday night I came home to this home cooked meal. Brent made pork chops, beans and green beans. mmmm so yummy he did a great job.
  3. As I previously mentioned I wore my pajamas to work on Halloween.. it was only natural for me to take naps in random spots throughout the day, right? (caught in the act)
  4. My friend Jen found this on Pinterest and I love it! It is a workout routine for the Walking Dead. Every time they do or say a certain thing on the show, there is an exercise that you have to do. For example: if someone kills a walker, you have to do 5 crunches. Im going to try it next Sunday haha
  5. Every time Brent went to the window during the hurricane to look outside, Lilly was right by his side scooping out the premises. She is his little sidekick, but she is also a momma's girl.
How was your week? 
I hope you all stayed safe and dry during Sandy.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wheel of Color

I was browsing through my blog posts and noticed I talk a lot about neutrals... I promise I am not that boring. I put together a collection of fall pieces I can't live without that does not include black, grey,white, creme, tan, ANY of that.

Wheel of Color

LOFT v neck cardigan / LOFT blouse / American Eagle Outfitters skinny leg jeans / UGG Australia shearling booties, $340 / NIKE waffle shoes / Flower earrings / J.Crew j crew / Crochet infinity scarve / Revlon eyeshadow, $21 / Essie nail polish

  1. I love deep red nail polish especially during fall/ winter months. It is such a pretty warm color and it goes really well with my light skin complexion.
  2. I have been searching for the perfect coral bubble necklace that is reasonably priced. I love jewelry and makeup but I have limits to what I will allow myself to spend on these types of things...Once I get a big girl job, that might change though haha
  3. Petite flower earrings are the best. They are tiny but give a splash of color to any outfit.
  4. This neon yellow sweater has my name all over it. It is plain but a little obnoxious. I love it.
  5. Same goes for neon nike shoes.
  6. Green is normally not a color I wear but when I shop I try to find styles I like and chose them in a color I don't own to try and add some variety.
  7. This pea green scarf goes great with a pair of dark jeans, basic white long sleeve shirt and some brown boots...topped off with a camel colors purse. Perfecto!
  8. I found these at the mall last weekend with Brent's sister. They are blue Uggs that has a layer of sequins that you can brush either front or back to make the shoe look more blue or more silver. Def conversation piece that's for sure.
  9. Can never go wrong with a basic pair of blue jeans. 
  10. When I want to spice up my daily makeup and add some color, I tend to go towards light purples or any color with a purple tint because it really brings out the green in my hazel eyes.
So there you have it people... there is color in my life!

So many options!

I know the last thing people want to think about after stuffing their face with Halloween candy is trying to fit into a bridesmaids dress, but I am in a dilemma people!!
Next summer I am in 3 weddings, two of my best friends and my favorite cousin/ pretend older sister. This is my first time being in anyone's wedding and they all decided to get married at the same time so I am going to be a very busyyyy lady during this next year and my wallet will not be very happy with me.

I think it is really cool when a bride lets her bridesmaids choose their dress style because every girl has a different shape and we all want to look and feel fabulous and confident. My cousin Shannon has let us pick out the style we want and this decision has become a little harder than I anticipated! I am stuck between the 4 dresses pictured above. Since it is a summer wedding, I would prob want to be in a shorted dress because I sweat at the sight of heat, but I am drawn to that one long dress it is just so elegant.

Which one is your favorite and why??
I need all of the help I can get!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lets Pin Shall We

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in pinterest and just browsing for hours (hope my work doesn't monitor their computers) After picking and choosing, here are my Favorite pins of the week... so far.
This is so motivating. You gotta be willing to put in the effort to see results
 In love with the tan and pink... my two favorite colors to wear

I have done this so many times to people haha

I need to learn how to curl my hair, I have been searching Youtube for some tips

I always try to hide eating little treats but who am I hurting? ME!

I will do this DIY project asap!

So cute! Such a good snack at a Holiday party

Really like the colors in the picture.. it says fall all over it

She looks sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I love the outfit and hair

Love her hair and makeup

Need to learn new makeup tricks!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! If you are like me you decided to be "Pajama Girl" at work because frankly you just want to be comfy so hey! PJs it is! haha (Pardon the stiff smile, I took this on my way to work.. at a red light of course...)

I will leave you all with an awesome picture of a pumpkin that one of the artists at my work carved. He does this ever year and I swear they get better and better. The datail is amazing and he doesn't use a template. Enjoy!