Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lets Pin Shall We

Sometimes I find myself getting lost in pinterest and just browsing for hours (hope my work doesn't monitor their computers) After picking and choosing, here are my Favorite pins of the week... so far.
This is so motivating. You gotta be willing to put in the effort to see results
 In love with the tan and pink... my two favorite colors to wear

I have done this so many times to people haha

I need to learn how to curl my hair, I have been searching Youtube for some tips

I always try to hide eating little treats but who am I hurting? ME!

I will do this DIY project asap!

So cute! Such a good snack at a Holiday party

Really like the colors in the picture.. it says fall all over it

She looks sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I love the outfit and hair

Love her hair and makeup

Need to learn new makeup tricks!

Happy Halloween Everyone!! If you are like me you decided to be "Pajama Girl" at work because frankly you just want to be comfy so hey! PJs it is! haha (Pardon the stiff smile, I took this on my way to work.. at a red light of course...)

I will leave you all with an awesome picture of a pumpkin that one of the artists at my work carved. He does this ever year and I swear they get better and better. The datail is amazing and he doesn't use a template. Enjoy!

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