Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite Products

I am constantly looking for skin products that don't dry out my skin or cause unwanted breakouts. After years of trial and error and unfortunate proactive memories that I choose to repress, I can finally say I have found some incredible products. All of these can be found at ULTA or Sephora.

  1. Clear by Philosophy- I used to use Purity by Philosophy as my primary face wash but after a while I feel like my skin gets immune to the cleansers I use, so I switched to Clear. Philosophy is a trusted brand and has numerous amounts of products that are designed to help every type of skin issue. It's a light weight oil free cleanser that leaves your skin soft and clear (wonder how long it took them to come up with the name huh??). I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has mild breakouts and/or has dry skin.
  2. Mineral Mudd Masque by Purminerals- I love mudd masks, and this one is by far my favorite. You can feel it working the second it hits your face. I usually try to use it on my whole face once or twice a month or do some spot treatments if I am having some problem areas.  It doesn't over dry and leaves your face feeling tingly and smooth after you rinse it off. If you are looking for a new mask that wont dry your face, Mineral Mudd is the way to go. I bought mine 2.5 years ago and I still have plenty left.
  3. Hope in a Jar by Philosophy- I'd say this moisturizer is pretty popular.. if you are reading this you have already probably heard of or bought Hope in a Jar. It's great for those winter dry skin days; you just lather up at night and you are as smooth as a baby's booty in the morning. For me personally, I can only use this at night. The creme is definitely too thick to be a "before the makeup" face lotion to me. Dry skin sistas, you gotta try this out.. esp with the cold weather right around the corner.
  4. Smooth Indulgence Concealer by Dermablend- You ever wake up with a huge family of pimps on your chin? I have. This little devil saved me having to call out of work, skip class, or cancel a date... pimples are embarrassing!! You put a dab of this concealer on top of any problem area and it instantly covers the redness. This is an oil-free product, along with all of the others listed. This concealer can be worn under both liquid foundation or powder. I'm telling you people, it works! This may seem like a small tube for $22 but you barely need to squeeze it to get the amount you need so it lasts a while. I would only recommend this for a spot treatment cover up, not whole face concealer.
  5. Oil Control Mattifier by Murad- this is the lotion I use after I wash my face in the morning and before I put on my makeup. It gives a great base for makeup and it protects you from looking shiny later in the day. This lotion does a really good job of giving just the right amount of moisture to fix the dryness without being too greasy. 
  6. HD Foundation by Makeup Forever- My all time favorite foundation ever! I have been searching for a foundation that will cover my imperfections without having to cake on a thick layer that gives me "makeup face".. (makeup face is where someone cakes on foundation so much that you can see the ring around their chin where the makeup stops... me circa 2006) This foundation is light and gets the job done. Hands down awesome product.
  7. ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum by Ren- I use this every night before bed to re-hydrate my skin. Its super light and really helps clear up blemishes overnight. If my skin is feeling more dried out than usual, I'll leave a small layer on the serum on my skin without rubbing it in completely and its all good to go in the morning. 
  8. Cleansing Facial Wipes by Simple- I like to use these wipes to take my makeup off before I wash my face. They are oil-free and leave your face feeling refreshed and clean. I usually buy the big pack that comes with 25 wipes and cut each of them in half because I never need a full wipe all at once. If you are interested in trying this product, here are a few coupons!

Let me know about your favorite products!

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