Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Breakdown

This was the first weekend in a while that I felt was actually well spent. I got to see family and friends and do some sale shopping (my favorite type of shopping). Friday night I went a friends house to just eat, relax and have some girl talk. I always like hanging out with friends who have dogs because I can bring my pup and I know by end of the night she will be pooped. Hence the picture below...
Later that night we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from my boyfriends sister at 2:30am. She was in town at a friends party and ended up "unable to drive home." Needless to say the mother in me came out and I set up a bed for her on the couch, rubbed her back, forced water down her throat, and prayed that there weren't any surprises left on the couch in the morning. 

Saturday was day 2 of the steroid pill my doctor prescribed me for the cough that has been haunting me since mid August! I thought it was initially allergies because I was stuffed and congested but no allergy meds seemed to work for me. I then self diagnosed myself with bronchitis because that's what WebMD told me I had... and WebMD is always right... right?? (Only to us crazies who over-analyze ever itch, spider bite and mysterious bump- plenty stories to come.. sneak peak: me crying in the shower because I thought my hair was falling out more than normal... my poor boyfriend has learned to put up with me) Anywhooo, I called the doc and told her I think its Bronchitis so she prescribed me a Z-pack antibiotic.. heard both positives and negatives about the effectiveness of this pill but I was willing to give anything a shot. A week went by and still coughing. WTF?!?! Give doc a second call... steroid pill prescription. Now I am not sure if i'm happy that I didn't have to take time off work to go to the doctors office or if i'm strangely concerned why she wouldn't want me to come in for a second examination. So i got the pills and I have to take them for 6 days, 6 the first day, 5 the second, and so on. Everyone told me the pill would make me really hungry and I would be constantly stuffing my face which I was super worried about because i'm in the process of trying to get in shape for the 3 weddings i'm in next summer. But surprisingly I have no appetite. The pills gave me an energy kick and I found myself wanting to clean and shop and dust places I've never even thought about dusting. I had to force myself to eat something at 7:30 pm because I had survived off of a chick-fil-a breakfast burrito (if you haven't had already, you must get!) at 8:00 am and a couple bottles of water.

Since I was high on energy, I decided to drag my "recovering" boyfriend's sister to target with me to check out the deals. I found a really cute white and black chevron ring for $2.68.. the plus about it is its not all connected to I could wear 1 one day and all three the next. I have also been trying to find a new pair of gloves for the season because as the weather is getting colder in the morning I am going to need something to keep my hands all warm on the early drive to work. I found a pair of gloves for $3 dollars at Target!( I tried to find the link for them online but it doesn't seem like they are even listed yet) They are considered a 3-in-1 because you can wear it as a normal glove, a finger-less glove, on put both on and have a double insulated glove, all depending on the weather that day... LOVE! They have a bunch of colors from neutrals to neons. You have to run to target and grab a pair because i'm sure they will go fast, you can't beat $3 gloves. I also ended up picking up a Essie nail polish called Sand Tropez. I am really into fall neutral colors right now.

I snagged a few other necessities from target and then went home so I could get ready to go out to dinner with one of my best friends. I started to notice I was getting some weird side effects from the pills, my whole body started to sweat a lot and I felt really flushed. I hate canceling on her because we rarely get to see each other lately because of our conflicting schedules but I had to ask if we could just hang at the apartment. Sadly, she was feeling under the weather too... so we just planned a promise rain check for this coming week which I am looking forward to. I ended up relaxing at home that night and got a nice visit from my older brother and his girlfriend to watch the Orioles game with us. Its really cool spending time with my brother because we are both now in really good relationships and its cool to see our family slowly expanding.. excited to see what the future brings.

Sunday morning is usually our "go out to breakfast" morning but I decided to whip out the box of wheat pancakes that have been sitting in the pantry. They were pretty good but the pills i'm on are altering my ability to enjoy a good meal. I got a text from my brother's girlfriend saying they were on there way to IKEA and asked if we wanted to join. OF COURSE! I threw the dishes in the sick and walked out the door. I love walking around IKEA and sitting at each perfectly decorated station pretending that's actually where I live.. dream on I know. I don't know how many times I picked something up and put it right back down.. IKEA is the place to go if you want to be depressed about what your apartment looks like. When we finally made our way through the store empty handed, I was in the mood to do some retail therapy to cure my "IKEA depression." We were right across the street from this place called The Avenue. I had never been there before so I thought it would be nice to walk around and look at all the shops. We parked and got out and my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas... They had a LOFT! Current fav store. Went in and found this awesome top that I love! I have seen it on their website and in the store but can not afford to spend $49.50 on a shirt. It must have been my lucky day because it was 50% off baby! I had to get it.. there were two left and both in my size. Done and Done.. it's mine. Moving along... We saw a Limited and I decided to check it out because that store is pricey as well but sometimes you can really find decent things in the sale isles. So that's exactly where I darted to. I swear when I shop I look like I am on a mission. I push. I shove. I give dirty looks. I'm there for one reason and one reason only. BOOM! Found an awesome shirt that is nothing like what I have in my wardrobe and had to try it on. Side note: do not go clothes shopping in workout clothes... sports bras make it very hard to judge the actual look of a shirt. It fit perfectly and the price made the buy just a little sweeter. It was originally $39.99..then $19.99.. then $14.99...I got it for *dun dun dun*.. $9.99. PEOPLE look at the sale sections first ALWAYS! Yes it can be a hit or miss but when its a hit.. its a HIT. My boyfriend and brother know me so well, they were joking about how I get a high from purchasing discounted clothes. Can you blame me??                                   
On Left:  The Limited 
On Right: The Loft 

After a afternoon of shopping, we refueled at Panera Bread. Yummm I got a *You Pick 2* -1/2 Tomato Mozz Panini with a 1/2 Chicken Cobb w/ Avocado salad. Now I'm back at home watching some Sunday night football waiting for the Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion to come on.. the anticipation!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

First Post!

Welcome to SmallGrlBIGWorld Blog! This is my first ever post and I am so excited to get started! High Five for Friday is a post where I can share with you 5 things during my weekend that I am excited about.

1) I've been having a rough few weeks (uncontrollable cough that has been lingering for about 5 weeks now) so my boyfriend surprised me with these lovely flowers when I got home from work. Too sweets :)

2)My birthday shoes just came in the mail!!! I have been waiting to get Nike Free running shoes for forever now and I was able to design my own and after a month of anticipation they are finally here.

3) My pup Lilly is the cutest dog ever I swear. I take pictures of her constantly... be prepared

4) I have been in such a redecorating funk but have $0 to do so. So I improvise, I went to IKEA and spent approximately 2.5 hours after work one day to only leave with the two white picture frames for my shelf. FAIL. Anyway, they were $1.99 a piece and I like em.

5) Woke up last Sunday to a beautiful fall day! Fall is my favorite season ever so I ran outside on the balcony with a book and my pooch and enjoyed the morning.