Friday, September 28, 2012

First Post!

Welcome to SmallGrlBIGWorld Blog! This is my first ever post and I am so excited to get started! High Five for Friday is a post where I can share with you 5 things during my weekend that I am excited about.

1) I've been having a rough few weeks (uncontrollable cough that has been lingering for about 5 weeks now) so my boyfriend surprised me with these lovely flowers when I got home from work. Too sweets :)

2)My birthday shoes just came in the mail!!! I have been waiting to get Nike Free running shoes for forever now and I was able to design my own and after a month of anticipation they are finally here.

3) My pup Lilly is the cutest dog ever I swear. I take pictures of her constantly... be prepared

4) I have been in such a redecorating funk but have $0 to do so. So I improvise, I went to IKEA and spent approximately 2.5 hours after work one day to only leave with the two white picture frames for my shelf. FAIL. Anyway, they were $1.99 a piece and I like em.

5) Woke up last Sunday to a beautiful fall day! Fall is my favorite season ever so I ran outside on the balcony with a book and my pooch and enjoyed the morning. 

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