Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Friday is here again people.... thank goodness!

  1. This Sunday is my moms birthday so I will most likely have my family over for a home cooked meal made by yours truly. 
  2. Got 2 magazines to help motivate me to exercise.. so far soo good this week, hopefully I can keep it up. Workout tip blog coming soon!
  3. My boyfriend finally made time to put my pinterest project up in our bedroom. I would like it better I think if it wasn't against a white wall, but that's apartment living for you.
  4. I recently found some pretty cool apps for my iphone after the big upgrade. 
    • Spending is an app where you plug in all of your expenses and incomes and it divides everything up into categories to show you where most of your money is going. This is a great app for people who are trying to keep a budget and work on their finances.
    • Credit Karma shows you your credit score for free! I saw a commercial for it so I convinced myself it was trustworthy and downloaded it. It shows all the money I owe on my car and student loans and it even gives me an updated credit score every month.
    • PicFrame is the app I use to make my HFFF posts. It has tons of frames to choose from that can hold up to 9 pictures. Definitely the best collage app I have found so far.
    • Running uses a GPS signal in your phone to time and track your runs. It records all my runs so I am able to see if you are improving or not. You can hook this app up to your facebook and you can actually hear cheers when your friends "like" your status. This app is one of my favorites.
    • Thankfulfor is an app that acts as a journal in a way. All you do is write one thing you are thankful for when never you want and it can either be made public or private. I try to write something every night before bed to help me appreciate what I have and work on my positive thinking.
  5. This is a picture I took on the trail I run on. It it so beautiful and serene I had to stop and take a picture before the sun went down. Probably one of my favorite place..
This is also my first time linking up with Lauren from FMGD and Lindsey from The Bargain blonde! Click on the picture below and check out Lauren's and Lindsey's Friday Favorites. Enjoy :)


  1. I'm going to have to check out the spending app, that would make me so accountable for where my money goes!
    I am a terrible apartment renter, I always just paint my walls while I live there, then prime them back to white before I move out. I've yet to get charged for it either, knock on wood!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. The app has definitely made me more aware of where my money is going. I calculated that I spent over $400 in September on eating out and clothes/accessories. $400!! So needless to say, I am trying to work on saving my money haha. I can not wait to move into a townhouse or house where I can paint and hang things on the walls.. sigh. Hope your weekend is great too!

  2. that trail looks like such a great place to run :) so pretty!

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    1. Its so peaceful I love it!
      Hope you have a great weekend too Amy!