Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy!

Goooood Morning everyone! If you are living on the east coast you are probably more than aware that there is a storm brewing. Every school, business, government is closed and their employees are home safe relaxing with a cup of coffee and a nice warm blanket. Me? No. I am sitting by my computer ... working from home. I was surprised my office didnt call us to come in normal time, we never get off. Yes, I am excited that I dont have to go to work and I can avoid a shower for atleast one more afternoon but really?? reading emails and entering orders while my pup and Brent are snuggled up on the couch... wahhhh. Welcome to the real world, I know :( So any who, Ill take a few minutes out of work to get ya alll updated with this past weekend.

As many of you may have guessed, I was Katniss from the Hunger Games and Brent was Peeta.

Since I have alot of layers in my hair, the side part was not working out as you can see so I had Brent's mom do a french braid so it would actually look decent. OMG in the other picture it looks like there was an orb following me that night! As you can see, it is in half of the picture on the left and then completely covering the whole picture on the right. I was totally creeped out but I kept telling myself it was only my Nana or from the fire pit outside. Either way.... so freaked out.
Brent and I came home Sunday afternoon because we weren't sure when the storm was going to get started so we wanted to make sure we were home in time to get everything secure on the porch and just relax. We went to starbucks and it completely kicked me in cleaning mode. I organized, scrubbed, dusted everything in the apartment. I have never seen it look so good. I love when I can come home to a clean space and everything look so pretty .

GREAT NEWS! Work just emailed and said our office is technically closed at 12pm today so that means IM DONE! My out of office message is up and im ready for a good lifetime movie or book. Everyone stay safe and warm! I will prob be doing alot of pinning and searching the web today for some new things to blog about so check in later!

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