Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Breakdown

Id say this past weekend was an overall success. Sadly, my interview was postponed...so i'm still waiting and being as patient as I can , but on the bright side I got to sleep in! Here is some of my weekend in pics:

  1. As I was waiting for Brent to get a wayyyyy overdue haircut, I walked over to Starbucks and picked me up a gingerbread latte... soo good. I was never into coffee before but I am loving all of the seasonal flavors. I wish they sold bags of the seasonal flavors so I could make it every morning.
  2. Brent and I spent the day together on Saturday just doing some errands and being goofy. I love the days where we just hang out and drive around. Ps. the outfit I'm wearing in the picture is my new GTO (go to outfit). I found this sweatshirt at the loft this weekend for $20 and haven't taken it off... seriously I wore it to work yesterday too and Id wear it today and my co-workers wouldn't give me judgement eyes. It is my fav color, totally comfy and has the cutest little zipper on the left chest. It goes perfect with my 2005 puffy brown AE vest I found in my closet. SCORE!
  3. We went to P.F Changs on Sat night for dinner. I always get the same thing.... moo goo gai pan with brown rice and Brent gets some sort of chicken with brown rice and we split the crab wontons which are UHHH-MAZING. It is a little more pricier than we normally spend on dinner but we were both craving it.
  4. Sunday was one of my co-workers baby showers. Everything was so cute! She got lots of cute baby clothes and plenty of things on her registry. The small new born baby socks got me... I was a big ole girl, ohhhing and ahhhing and awwwwing at every little gift. The food was so delicious and they used some pinterest ideas on the cupcakes. They also turned donut holes into acorns which was adorable. Lets just say I def had baby fever on my way home from the shower, poor Brent haha
  5. My BIG baby missed her momma this weekend. I feel like I was so randomly busy I didn't have a lot of time to spend with Lil. She is super attached to Brent and I and she begs for attention when we are home, she barks and bites, walks all over the keyboard, licks phones, jumps on faces, she is crazy but she just wants some loving. You can see how depressed she looks in this picture because I think she just ate part of her toy and she had a belly ache lol story of her life... she is not a big dog but she sure does rip up every toy/bone we get her.
How was your weekend??

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