Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Blogging" Dead

So I am a hugeeee fan of the show The Walking Dead. If you have not seen it you need to buy the first season and watch all 6 episodes on Saturday afternoon and you will be hooked I promise! I was a skeptic at first when Brent introduced it to me, I was like really babe...zombies? not scary. Boy was I wrong. I was instantly drawn in to the story line. It airs every Sunday @ 9pm on AMC and it is basically like a movie that is broken into hour long episodes.

The third season started mid-October and they are bringing in alot of new characters and even some old into the mix. Brief synopsis: A cop gets shot while on duty and ends up in a coma in the hospital. He wakes up to a world that is taken over by a fast-growing disease that makes people have zombie-like characteristics when "bitten". The hospital is empty, no human in sight and he is left to figure out what the eff is going on. Yada yada... he some how meets up with his family along with others they have met along the way and they are in a day to day battle with "walkers" in order to find a stable shelter and make it to the next day. We find out in the second season that everyone is infected and you turn into a walker once you die, and the only way to kill a walker is to shoot them in the head.Basically they are all going to turn. I could go into more detail about what is going on but it would take me forever.

I have decided to designate my lunch on Mondays to recapping everything that went on in the episode the night before. It will allow other TWD fans to share their thoughts and opinions. If you don't care for zombies or the walking dead, no worries.. not everyone is into it.

I have decided to call these posts The "Blogging" Dead because there is a show right after TWD called Talking Dead where people from the show get interviewed and they discuss the episode and whats to come. So since i'm blogging about the can kinda put 2 and 2 together.

Now onto the real excitement. Last night was by far the most insane episode so far this season, if not the whole series. It started off by showing someone (not sure who at first) opening up the gates around the prison where the group was living and bringing in walkers in order to sabatosh them. I wasnt really sure who it was or why they were trying to break the barriers.Michone has def caught on to the governors lies and is starting to find clues that makes her believe he is killing people for their weapons... which he is! The walkers start attacking the group and they get T-dog.... so sad.. but I kinda felt like his character was going to die off soon. He ended up saving Carol and allowing her to run away while the walkers got him. Lori ended up having her baby but it had to be cut out of her which resulted in her death. Lori personally got on my nerves and that fake belly bump was bothering me... i mean whose belly button looks that big in real life?? c'mon.haha The scene ended with the group all meeting back up to find out they now have a baby but Lori is gone.. and Carl (her son) had to shoot her in the head. Rick is devastated, Carl is scarred for life.. again.. and Carol is missing. Zombie-2 Group-1.

 I am so excited for next weeks episode but I bet it wont top this one. I kinda have a feeling that when Merle finds the group and wants to bring them back, the governor will want to kill them for their food and weapons and Merle will turn against him since his brother is part of the group.Gahhhh I cant wait! Tune in next Monday for a recap and my thoughts.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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