Thursday, November 1, 2012

So many options!

I know the last thing people want to think about after stuffing their face with Halloween candy is trying to fit into a bridesmaids dress, but I am in a dilemma people!!
Next summer I am in 3 weddings, two of my best friends and my favorite cousin/ pretend older sister. This is my first time being in anyone's wedding and they all decided to get married at the same time so I am going to be a very busyyyy lady during this next year and my wallet will not be very happy with me.

I think it is really cool when a bride lets her bridesmaids choose their dress style because every girl has a different shape and we all want to look and feel fabulous and confident. My cousin Shannon has let us pick out the style we want and this decision has become a little harder than I anticipated! I am stuck between the 4 dresses pictured above. Since it is a summer wedding, I would prob want to be in a shorted dress because I sweat at the sight of heat, but I am drawn to that one long dress it is just so elegant.

Which one is your favorite and why??
I need all of the help I can get!


  1. I can see why you're having trouble deciding! I like them all. Have you tried them on? I think knowing how cuts fit your body will be the deciding factor. I know for me, having a waist line that hits at the waist (on a dress) is no bueno, but it looks awesome on so many people. I'd start there. Have fun deciding!

    Brandi @ The Pink Polka Dot Blog

    1. I haven't tried them on yet...but you are very right about the waist line. If it hits in the wrong spot it'll just make me look like i have huge hips which is a no go. Thanks for you help!! Im hoping the long one fits because I am leaning more towards that one so far