Friday, November 2, 2012

High Five for Friday!

This week flew by so fast! Since I have graduated college I have realized how fast weeks go by when you are living in the "read world". During the week I usually can not wait until Friday, but when the time comes, I kinda wish it would slow down! Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks and so on and so fourth. That is why I love High Five for Fridays because it gives me a chance to slow down and look back at everything I did the past week.

  1. I got an email last night from the guy I had 2 interviews with and he asked if I was available for a third interview this Saturday morning with the CEO and VP of recruiting. Apparently all of the third interviews are at a nice hotel restaurant in Annapolis. I googled it and this is one of the pictures it showed of the waiting room... which is where I will be. I am soooo nervous but soo excited at the same time! Please cross your fingers and pray for me. This is the final step and its my final chance to prove myself! Updates as soon as its done.
  2. Tuesday night I came home to this home cooked meal. Brent made pork chops, beans and green beans. mmmm so yummy he did a great job.
  3. As I previously mentioned I wore my pajamas to work on Halloween.. it was only natural for me to take naps in random spots throughout the day, right? (caught in the act)
  4. My friend Jen found this on Pinterest and I love it! It is a workout routine for the Walking Dead. Every time they do or say a certain thing on the show, there is an exercise that you have to do. For example: if someone kills a walker, you have to do 5 crunches. Im going to try it next Sunday haha
  5. Every time Brent went to the window during the hurricane to look outside, Lilly was right by his side scooping out the premises. She is his little sidekick, but she is also a momma's girl.
How was your week? 
I hope you all stayed safe and dry during Sandy.

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  1. Good luck at your interview tomorrow!! I'm sure it will go great!

    Such cute doggies.

  2. Your PJs are super cute!! :)
    How I envy your pj day.

  3. You better text me after saturday! GOOD LUCK! They'd be lucky to have you-things seem like they're going in your favor!! Fingers crossed!